Helping At Risk Girls In West Africa.

Filles D'Distinction
Filles De Distinction – with Noelle Jones of Gospel For Africa.

Noelle Jones of Gospel For Africa talks to the young women of Abidjan.

City of Adjame, C̫ote d’Ivoire. Noelle Jones and some of the women from Gospel For Africa Church Abidjan invited young women to come and hear a message about living a life of purity. Over 40 showed up filled with anticipation about the meeting. All of these young ladies have set themselves apart for Jesus Christ and have decided to help their friends to do the same. (see a short video clip)

Noelle Jones speaks to girls.
Noelle Jones of Gospel For Africa leads the Filles De Distinction meeting in Adjame.

Many young women in this densely populated suburb of Abidjan get caught up in an abusive lifestyle. Alcohol, drugs, pornography often lead them into prostitution. They get used to the easy money and false promises of a better future only to find they quickly become an object of perversion. Once they are introduced to this lifestyle it is difficult to break the cycle.

Elizabeth speaks to girls.
Filles De Distinction – Elizabeth of Gospel For Africa Church Abidjan speaks to the girls.

Noelle talked to them about the love of Christ and how God wants to give them a wonderful future of happiness and blessing. There will be two meeting each month for the group. The first meeting covered the topic of, “What Does Purity Mean In Our World Today.” The women looked at how the standards of purity have declined.

Girls come to faith and pray.
Filles De Distinction – Girls praying to recieve Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.



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God Bless You,
Noelle Jones

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