Healing for the people of West Africa!

Gospel For Africa facilitates medical mission trips in West Africa. The people in the villages we visit are very poor farmers with little or no medical care available to them. They get their drinking water from wells and have no sewer systems. Some use latrines, but most just go into the bush to relieve themselves. Sickness and disease are everywhere.

Gospel For Africa Medical Missions
Doctors treat cataracts and leg wounds.

One one such trip we treated over 900 people from 14 different villages. All ages were present and it seemed that every disease was present too. The treatment we were able to offer was limited to prescribed medications and referrals to specialists in the larger cities nearby for those needing surgery. The most common problems were due to malarial parasites, intestinal and blood parasites and all types of worms. We ran out of everything we had and people were still coming for treatment.

As we treat the people medically our evangelism team gives the Gospel Message to each person. Thousands of people have prayed with our team to begin a new life in Christ Jesus.

We try to bring in a wide variety of specialists. Ophthalmologists and Opticians treat many eye conditions and arrange for appointments at a later date to remove cataracts from those who are blind or partially blind due to growths on and in the eyes. After initial diagnosis, those needing cataract surgery are referred to a clinic where the cataracts are removed, giving these people the ability to see once more.

We arrange for Podiatric Surgeons to come from the USA to see how they can help. Many people come to us with foot problems. We give out hundreds of shoes, socks, orthopedic inserts and braces. Doctors are able to treat many people for all types of leg and foot pain, remove foreign objects from their feet and legs and provide wound care. In the future we hope Doctors will be able to offer corrective surgery to the many people who need it.

Gospel For Africa Medical Mission-4
Generalist diagnose hypertension and other conditions.

Generalists, Immunologists, Dentists treat patients in their areas of expertise. Internal Medicine specialists prescribe and/or recommend treatment for hypertension, diabetes, malaria, intestinal Parasites, digestive disorders and more.

Opticians determine what eye glasses are needed. We give out many pairs of reading glasses and provide prescriptions for those who need them. We are praying for funding so that in the future we will be able to provide prescription glasses to those who can not afford them.

Please consider helping us continue this work with a monthly recurring donation. Small monthly donations add up to big blessings when we all work together to achieve God’s glorious plan of sharing the Gospel message and making disciples.

All For Jesus,
Pastor Chris Jones


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