Has the Lord ever asked you to do something you thought was a bit strange?

The Lord has ask me many times to do something I would not normally do. One time while praying Lord said, “Go out and find a tree. Sit under the tree and teach the Bible to the people I send to you there.”

God made me a strange person anyway, so He speaks to me in strange ways. He knows that I will do it no matter how weird it sounds. My wife, Noelle thinks the same way. She likes the challenge of doing something new and exciting.

Gospel For Africa UnderTree-7
Pictured above are some of the young men who gave there lives to Jesus Christ that day.

A couple of days after the Lord told me to find a tree, I went out searching. I was surprised how hard it was to find a tree that was available for me. Here in Africa there are many trees, but all trees are owned by someone. At that time we lived in a large urban area. The main streets were asphalt near the center of the city but all side streets and neighborhood streets were dirt.

I started looking for a tree near our home and wandered progressively further and further away. I found that many of the trees were owned by people who did not want me to teach about Jesus Christ under their tree. Many of them follow religions who teach that Jesus Christ is not God and that He did not rise from the dead.

Finally I found a young man who was very happy to have me under his tree. His only condition was that I had to allow him to bring his friends and family to here the Word of God being taught. I was very happy about that.

Several days passed and I went to clear some of the bushes away under the tree. While I was beginning to work a young woman came and said I was not allowed to clear the bushes. I asked who she was and she said she owned the land there. Her husband had prohibited anyone from using the land under the tree. I asked if the young man I had talked to was her family member. She said no, he was a neighbor.

I began to realize that Satan was hard at work trying to keep me from finding a suitable tree. As I was returning to my home the Lord said to me, “Turn to the left as you enter the neighborhood.” I turned to the left and went down a side street. At the end of the street was a small park with several trees in it. I had missed it before. I said thanks to the Lord for directing me there.

The following Wednesday at 12:00 noon I went to the tree with a friend and brought 10 chairs. We asked the Lord to fill those 10 chairs. By 12:15 there were exactly 8 people plus the two of us and the chairs were full. There were also a few people sitting on the edges of our little group listening to the Word of God.

That day, the first day under the tree, six young men gave their lives to Jesus Christ. They said they would return next Wednesday and bring their friends and family. Another group of people who were listening from a distance asked what we were doing. We explained ourselves and they asked if they could join us next week.

Pray that the Lord would multiply this type of outreach. Pray that the Holy Spirit would be pleased with our efforts and direct many more to come. Pray that the ones who receive Christ will begin coming to one of our Church groups.

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2 responses on “Has the Lord ever asked you to do something you thought was a bit strange?

  1. paul lewis

    That story is very encouraging to me to think that you can actually hear GOD talk to you is exciting to me I want to be more aware of HIS voice and follow it in the things HE wants to say to me. This is a very neat story thanks for listening to HIM so that we can hear of the things that HE is doing around the world. Just tell me from the beginning of the direct WORD to you until the time you were actually fulfilling that WORD how much time had passed? Look forward to hearing about it. GOD bless you and your family and the church in West Africa. Agape paul……….

    1. chris@gospelforafrica.com Post author

      Sorry for the late response. Somehow your comment slipped pass me. The time between the Lord speaking to me and when I acted was less than a week. My action was to go out into the surrounding area and look for the spot where I was to pray and study. That took a week. Then I set one day per week to go to that spot to pray and read the Word. I brought extra chairs in faith that the Lord would send people and He did. That’s it. The first convert happened on the first day I went to pray.

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