West African public school students learn about biblical sexuality and living a pure life.


Director, Noelle Jones of Gospel For Africa, leads the outreach to West African public schools.

Noelle Jones teaching students
Director, Noelle Jones teaching hundreds of school students in West Africa.

In today’s world, no matter which country you live in there is a very serious problem with adolescent sexuality. Teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, rape, incest, sexual abuse and child sex slave trafficking is rampant. Where does it all start? Simply put, it starts with educating children about keeping themselves pure sexually until marriage. The majority of young people who get trapped into the horrors of sexual abuse end up there because they have no guidance. They end up hanging out with the wrong people early in life and fall prey to the sexual predators.

Gospel For Africa strives to reach these young innocent children with a Biblical based course that gives them the facts and the Godly motivations for living a sexually pure life. Pray for these wonderful young people and for Noelle Jones as she works tirelessly to reach them with this life-changing information and the love of Jesus Christ.

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God bless you,
Pastor Chris Jones

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