Rainy season means bad roads, but the building project is progressing!

Pastor Chris takes us for a drive on bad roads to view the building progress for the GFA Mission Bible School.

Join me as I drive from Gagnoa out to the villages where we are building a Bible School. It has been raining now for six weeks every day. That means we will have washed out roads and very large holes in the roads that are paved. If you do not have a good sturdy vehicle with 4-wheel drive, or at least one with high ground clearance you could find yourself stuck somewhere very quickly. Thankfully we did not need the 4X4 drive on this trip, but it was very bumpy most of the way out.

The building progress is good. We are finishing the third building that will allow us to move all the brick making equipment into place so we can begin making bricks from the clay soil on the property. This will save us a lot of money in material costs. we will only need 10% of the cement that is normally used to make concrete blocks. And we will not need any sand to mix in. Everything is already in the soil as God made it. We just mix in 10% cement, add moisture and compress the material into really dense and hardened bricks. They look great too.

Thanks to all of you who continue to pray for us and support our work here in Africa, many people are coming to faith in Christ, being healed and delivered from demonic influence.

God bless you all,
Pastor Chris
Executive Director and Founder
Gospel For Africa

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