Celebration of life at the Prefecture of GÔH for the young mothers of Gagnoa.

Over 30 young ladies finished the first training session of the Gospel For Africa young unwed mothers program with Noelle Jones and Patricia Badia leading. There was joy on everyone’s faces at this event. Present were notable people from the Regional and Local Government, including Prefect Lancina Fofana, Major Sekoua Fosther from the Hôpital General de Gagnoa, Major Welet Christiane from CHR Gagnoa and many other community leaders.

Noelle Jones and Pastor Job Badia explained the programs and ministry of Gospel For Africa and Prefect Lancina Fofana gave a hearty and very personal message about how important the work of Gospel For Africa is to the local community. He offered his complete support for any future outreaches the ministry would bring to help the people of Côte d’Ivoire.

The young mothers all received gifts for their new and soon to be born babies. Diapers, bathing basins, carriers, cleaning items, disinfectant, powder, soaps, baby oil and other items needed for newborns. All of the young ladies expressed gratitude to Jesus Christ and Gospel For Africa for providing the program.

Some of the things taught during the months of training include family planning and sexual abstinence education and awareness of sexually transmitted diseases. From a Bible perspective the girls learn why it is important to keep themselves pure sexually in the future and how to raise their newborn child in a Godly fashion. They are also given instruction on basic home making, personal hygiene, nutrition and health. All the participants are encouraged to stay in school and pursue a trade or professional career. Many of them will return for more training in the second part of the program.

It is truly a blessing to see these young women choose to follow Jesus Christ. They come from many differing backgrounds including Muslim, Animist, Catholic and Christian. Almost every one in the program prayed to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We ask you to pray for them to be grounded in their new faith and become true disciples of Jesus Christ.

God bless you,
Noelle Jones
Co-Founder and Director of Outreach
Gospel For Africa

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