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Ordination of Job Badia with Gospel For Africa
Ordination of Job Badia with Gospel For Africa

To expand God’s kingdom we must plant churches. To plant a church we need well trained Pastors. This is the primary calling of Gospel For Africa and the Jones Family. It is also the calling of every Christian on earth. You might say, why is this so? Because, we Christians are the church, the body of Christ. We are to go, preach the gospel, make disciples and establish communities of believers (church families). The church is the garden of the Lord. It is where Christians mature, learn and serve, leading up to being sent out to start the process again…go, preach, make disciples in a new community.

Ordination of Pastor Job Badia.

Pastor Job Badia is one of the men we have trained to lead and plant churches. He is married to Patricia and serves as lead Pastor in our Gagnoa Church. He came to us many years ago and has been serving faithfully. The church body loves Job and Patricia. Patricia works with the women, youth and unwed teen mothers with Noelle Jones. They are now reproducing themselves in young believers who will be the leaders of many new churches in Africa.

We are training young men now that will be the Pastors of many future churches that God wants to plant. Each time we evangelize new villages, the Chief of each village offers to give us land to start a church there. The only thing preventing us from starting those new churches is the need for more Pastors.

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God Bless You, and thank you for your prayers and support for this work in Africa. My God give you peace, joy and health always.

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