I will praise You my Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

Noelle Jones ministers to unwed teen mothers in West Africa.

Today was such a lovely day here in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa. It was hot and humid, like usual. The dust from the Sahara was lingering in the air like usual for this time of year. The local roads were still full of ruts and holes from the rainy season making many places inaccessible by car like usual. But there was something happening that was very unusual for the culture we live in here.

Today, God brought six lovely teenage mothers to our door. They came at our invitation, hoping that God could somehow make a difference in their lives today, and perhaps provide hope for their future.

It is very difficult for unwed teen mothers in the African culture. Many times, they are looked down upon and rejected and told their lives have been ruined forever. Many times this condemnation leads to a cycle of prostitution, more children and poverty.

We know that this is a lie straight from hell. Our God loves these young ladies and wants to demonstrate His unlimited grace and love through us. We, as are you, His representation on earth, the Church. So, today was a wonderful day of blessing for them and for us. They heard a message of acceptance, hope and love. Please keep them in prayer.

Pastor Chris Jones

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