She was pregnant and hopeless, but now she is a joyous mother planning for college…

Noelle Jones leads the Unwed Teen Mothers Program for Gospel For Africa. Serving two or three groups of 30 to 50 girls each year.
Sara with her child.

Sara came to us feeling alone, rejected, without hope and very frightened. She was 18 with dreams of becoming a working professional, then she made some bad choices that resulted in her becoming pregnant. Everyone told her her life was over. She would have to stay home, leave school and raise her child unless she had an abortion. Then she came to meetings for unwed teen mothers at Gospel For Africa. Noelle Jones talked to her and shared the truth about Jesus Christ dying on the cross for all people. This simple message changed her life. She became a Christian and decided to keep her baby and continue with her education.

Now Sara has graduated High School and is going on to college to become a teacher, all the time caring for her beautiful child.

Stories like these happen because of God’s free grace, effectual prayer and your financial support of this ministry.

God bless you for praying and supporting this work.
Noelle Jones, Co-Founder and Director of Outreach

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