What you say to a child could change an entire community for Jesus.

Noelle Jones mentors youth in Gagnoa. Many are coming to Christ
Noelle and Chris Jones. Founders of Gospel For Africa.
Noelle and Chris Jones

I am so excited to continue this awesome adventure with you, our friends and partners. We are expanding our existing discipleship ministry to more young people here in West Africa.

The Lord has blessed Gospel For Africa with a permanent location for ministry in the city of Gagnoa. We are offering an evangelism and discipleship class weekly. Our first group was 15 youth from our local neighborhood. They all participated with great enthusiasm. We viewed a movie about making choices that determine our eternity and learned about repentance. Many came to faith in Christ.

We then studied about the fruit of true repentance. Many of them openly confessed their sins and decided to please God by reconciling with friends. One young man decided to pay back what he owed to someone. I can’t wait to hear more testimony of what the Lord is doing in their lives.

Pedophile predators search for poor children offering money to exploit them.

Samuel is one of my helpers. He helps me set up and tear down and runs errands for me when I need something. After the first event he ask to sit and talk with me about how the Lord spoke to him. He was very touched by the movie and decided to give his life to Jesus. He also told me what the Lord had begun doing in the neighborhood. I was very surprised to hear that his story began with me (Noelle) talking about a known pedophile living in our neighborhood. 

One day I was coming home and saw an older man stop a young boy about 12 years old. I did not feel right in my spirit about the encounter. The man looked and acted like a pedophile. My heart was broken to know this man was hurting the neighborhood children. Later a young man came to my home that lived in the same courtyard where the pedophile lived. I asked about the pedophile and he told me that everyone living in the courtyard knows that he preys on young boys. He offers them money for sex. I continued talking to this young man about the consequence of living a homosexual life style. I told him about the physical, mental and spiritual consequences. I was not surprised to know he had never heard these things before. He was shocked and frightened because he was thinking about his involvement with this man. He decided at once to stay away from him for good.

Children playing after discipleship classes in Gagnoa.
Children having fun after discipleship class in Gagnoa.

After that talk with me he ran to tell his friends what I told him. They all decided to stay away from the pedophile. After a month or so the pedophile realized the kids in the neighborhood were not interested anymore. He became lonely and left the neighborhood for good. 

I did not know that the Lord used what I said to the young man to save a lot of kids from this predator. The sad thing is, all the parents in the courtyard saw kids as young as 10 and 11 years old sleeping in his room. But they did not say anything. They all knew that he was a pedophile. They did not like it, but they did not know how to deal with him.

Please pray for me. A lot of work needs to be done.  Pray for wisdom, patience, meekness, and for the fruit of the Spirit in my life. I need the Holy Spirit to make a difference in their lives by displaying the characteristics of Jesus Christ in me. Pray that these teens encounter true freedom in Jesus Christ and become true disciple for eternity.

Love in Christ Jesus, Our Lord and Savior.

Noelle Jones
Vice President and Co-founder of Gospel For Africa

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