Look at what God just did for nine girls in our Young Unwed Mothers Program!

Nine very happy teen moms came to the Teen Freedom baby shower in Gagnoa.

Be sure to view the short video above and share in the joy of this Teen Freedom Baby Shower!

Everyone was excited and happy about the Teen Freedom program. The public school social workers and school administrative personnel came to support the girls and to see what the program was all about. The school director was there too. They were all amazed to know that Gospel For Africa is reaching out to care for unwed teen mothers.

It is sad to say this, but the girls told us that they could not believe christians would actually care for them instead of condemning them. Praise be to our glorious God who has allowed us and you…our friends and supporters to reach into these delicate lives with the love of Christ.

We had nine unwed teen mothers. Six brought their babies with them, and three are pregnant. 

Below is a list of what we do to help teen mothers.

  • Provide prenatal medical exam for poor expecting mothers
  • Teach them how to take care of their newborn babies 
  • Teach them how to take care of themselves 
  • Explain the dangers and responsibilities of sex outside of marriage 
  • Explain the truth about abortion 
  • How to prepare for life and support themselves 
  • We share the love of Jesus Christ, offering each mother a chance to receive Christ by faith
  • Provide practical items needed for the newborn baby and mother

Thank you Lord for providing a house where we meet weekly! 

  • Please help us expand our outreach to these girls and their babies
  • Girls and babies have many practical needs 
  • The new facility needs some repair and furnishings

We call our youth outreach “TEEN FREEDOM”

  • Outreach to teen boys and girls 
  • Weekly bible study, preaching and evangelism 
  • Discipleship classes 
  • Living a pure holy life before the Lord 
  • Responsibility to the family and community 
  • Preparation for the future

The girls and guests all agreed that Gospel For Africa should expand this ministry to reach out to teen mothers from other schools and cities. With God’s help and your prayers and support it will come to pass. 

One example of how you can help is to donate $50 per teen mom to give baby shower gifts and help us provide decorations, food, and a venue for the events.

Special thanks to Aimee Nelson from YouMoms for her encouragement and assistance, and Jeff Kotrady from Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale Missions for helping us begin this outreach.

God bless you as you serve our great and awesome God.
Noelle Jones
Vice President and Co-Founder of Gospel For Africa

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