This brave teen mother rejects having an abortion and keeps her child after hearing that God loves her and forgives her.

We can not mention her name, let’s call her Chantal. She is a 7th grader. She was forsaken by her mom when she was 8 years-old. Her current mother-in-law is not to kind to her. The father of her child is in 8th grade. After hearing Noelle Jones teach about abortion and the love of Jesus Christ she decided to keep the baby.

Her boyfriend and his family refuse to take responsibility. Her family is very upset. She had not yet seen a doctor nor had any medical exam when we met her. She was 5 months pregnant.

She was crying while sharing her story. She felt ashamed, forsaken and betrayed. Noelle told her about someone who will never forsake or betray her, His name is Jesus. 

She is a Muslim, and has recently made a commitment to follow Christ. She has now had the baby and everything is fine. She attends meetings with Gospel For Africa and loves her child very much. She herself is just a babe in Christ. One babe raising another babe. It seems impossible to man but with God all things are possible. Please pray for her and her baby often. 

And please pray Noelle Jones and Gospel for Africa.

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