Would you lead someone to faith in Jesus Christ if you had the opportunity? Jesus will help you do so.

Leading over 100 people to Christ under the tree.

Let me tell you a fantastic little story that happened to me. I was praying one day and asking the Lord to open some opportunities for me to personally, one on one share the gospel with people on a regular basis. To my surprise the Holy Spirit said these words to me. “Go find a tree near your home where many people pass by. Take your bible and a few chairs and sit under that tree and read the bible and pray. As you are faithful I will send people to you who will ask you to share with them what you are reading. Explain the scriptures verse by verse and lead them to faith in Jesus Chris.”

Do you know that I did what the Holy Spirit said. I picked Wednesday afternoon to do the prayer and reading under the tree. I found a nice tree in a small common area in the neighborhood where people walked past often. I set up the chairs and began reading the Gospel of John and praying. Within 30 minutes three young men came and asked what I was doing. I told them and asked them if they would like to hear what I was reading. They said yes. We read chapters 1 to 3 and then I asked them if they knew whether they would go to heaven or not when they died. None of them knew for sure. So I led them to faith in Christ that first day. I asked them to come to my church and to bring their friends. They did just that. The next Wednesday they brought 4 more people who all came to faith in Christ.

I kept going to that tree for over an entire year and over one hundred people came to faith there and many became disciples in our church. Many are still with us today.

You can do this yourself. Just step out and find your own tree or bench or beach or park or you name it. But go as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:18-20 and He, Himself promised you that he would be with you as you obey His Word. Don’t forget, He wants you to lead people to faith in Him much more than you want to obey.

Do it today in Jesus name. God Bless You.
Pastor Chris Jones
Gospel For Africa

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