Salvation, deliverance, discipleship and prayer with our Yopougon Church family.

Pastor Chris and Noelle Jones visit with Pastor Job and Patricia Badia at Gospel For Africa Church Yopougon. The church meets on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings. Pastor Job also has bible study for church members on weeknights. He does local outreaches to the young people and goes house to house to evangelize and pray for the needs of people in the area.

GFA Church Yopougon.
Gospel For Africa Church Yopougon.

Yopougon is very densely populated. The community suffers from high crime rates, gang violence, drug abuse, prostitution and poverty. Pastor Job grew up in this area and is called by the Lord to serve the people there.

Pastor Chris and Noelle planted the church in Yopougon years ago and raised up Job and Patricia to take over the work there. Now the church is growing in the Word of God and maturity. Young men and women who were once on the street serving themselves and satan are now serving the Lord Jesus Christ and others.

The video and images above show one of the bible study groups that meet at the chruch. At this particular night of discipleship and prayer two young men came to faith in Christ.

We also prayed that God would deliver those who were being oppressed by demons. Those who were prayed for were set free. God is faithful to answer prayer.

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