GFA Church Yopougon.

Salvation, deliverance, discipleship and prayer with our Yopougon Church family.

Yopougon is very densely populated. The community suffers from high crime rates, gang violence, drug abuse, prostitution and poverty. Pastor Job grew up in this…
Noelle Jones shares the gospel message with unwed teen mothers.

This brave teen mother rejects having an abortion and keeps her child after hearing that God loves her and forgives her.

She was crying while sharing her story. She felt ashamed, forsaken and betrayed. Noelle told her about someone who will never forsake or betray her,…

Young Ladies Find Faith in Jesus Christ!

The Lord wants to give every young woman a wonderful future as they follow Him.
Gospel For Africa Brick-Making Building Completed

God gives strength to His servants to do His will.

Making blocks, pouring concrete, bending and tying steel, laying block, building roof trusses, installing metal roofing and steel doors and lots of digging.
Training and ordaining Pastors to plant churches in Africa.

Training and ordaining Pastors to plant churches in Africa.

Join in with us as we celebrate the ordination of Job Badia with Gospel For Africa in the city of Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire in West…

Resurrection Day With Gospel For Africa In Côté d’Ivoire, West Africa!

For the majority of the children this was the first time they have experienced a Resurrection Day celebration like this. A large number of them…

Look at what God just did for nine unwed teen moms!

Teen Freedom Baby Shower! Look at what God just did!
Reading the bible

Jesus At The Job Site!

Pastor Chris takes us to the morning bible study on the job site with the young men he is leading.
Noelle Jones mentors youth in Gagnoa.

What you say to a child could change an entire community for Jesus.

We studied about the fruit of true repentance. Many openly confessed their sins and repented. I can’t wait to hear more testimony of what the…
Construction progress concerning building in West Africa.

Love in action – Constructing mission buildings for Jesus!

Pastor Chris Jones gives latest update on construction progress concerning building a bible school, mission housing, primary school and more in West Africa.
Framing pillars for Jesus.

Concrete pillars for Jesus in West Africa.

Construction update on the GFA mission project in West Africa.
Tying steel rebar.

Tying steel for Jesus to make reinforced concrete pillars.

Many of these men want solid biblical training but they have little or no resources for transportation, housing and food. They live too far away…